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Facial Rejuvenation Brookline, MA

Facial Rejuvenations Brookline MA

Peri Ozker Acupuncture offers non-needle facial rejuvenation Brookline, MA patients can turn to for gentle and immediate results. Aging, smoking, sun overexposure, and heredity factors can all cause your skin to crease and wrinkle; showing uneven, dull tone. Peri Ozker uses a microlight therapy, called Energy Light Rejuvenation™, which provides results in just one treatment. Patients immediately benefit from a firmer jawline and cheeks, evened and brightened skin tone, and smoothed fine lines and wrinkles. Peri Ozker's facial rejuvenations in Brookline, MA are effective on skin of all ages.

Non-Needle Facial Rejuvenations in Brookline, MA

Other treatments use needles to inject a drug made from toxins into the muscle tissue of your face. This procedure is dangerous, uncomfortable, and requires recovery time. Peri Ozker Acupuncture uses Energy Light Rejuvenation™, or ELR™, for a facial rejuvenation, Brookline, MA residents can trust. ELR™ doesn't require needles, drugs, or toxins, as it uses a microcurrent and visible colored lights that are extremely gentle, safe, and pain free. The only thing you notice is that the treatment is extremely relaxing with visible first-time results. ELR™ is a holistic treatment, facial rejuvenation improves total body wellness and harmony, resulting in more energy, improved sleep, and better stress response.

Trusted Facial Rejuvenations in Brookline, MA

Facial rejuvenations Brookline, MA residents can trust, should always be administered by a knowledgeable professional. Peri Ozker is both a scientist and an acupuncturist who combines her background in western science with her training in Chinese medicine to bring safe, effective treatments that you can trust. Peri Ozker is licensed to provide facial rejuvenation Brookline, MA residents will love for overall healing benefits. Come check out the nationally certified acupuncturist, and get beautiful, youthful skin safely and gently!

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