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Botox Alternative Newton, MA

Botox Alternative Newton MA

Peri Ozker Acupuncture provides a Botox alternative Newton, MA residents can use to achieve smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin. Peri Ozker uses a safe facial rejuvenation treatment called microlight therapy. The treatment provides visible results using micro-current and colored light. This Botox alternative in Newton, MA safely and effectively firms the jawline and cheeks, while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles no matter what your age, all without pain or discomfort.

Results without Toxins with a Botox Alternative in Newton, MA

Botox is a prescription medicine that is injected directly into muscle tissue to temporarily improve the look of creases, wrinkles, and lines on the face. Botox blocks nerve impulses to the injected muscles, reducing muscle activity, and actually weakens the muscles in the face. Peri Ozker Acupuncture uses Energy Light Rejuvenation™, rejuvenation, or ELR™, as a Botox alternative that Newton, MA residents can trust will help them to regain a youthful appearance without toxins or needles. ELR™ is gentle, comfortable, and painless. There is no downtime, redness, or swelling. The only side effect is that it can provide wellness improvements such as improved sleep, decreased stress, and better digestion! Whereas facials only work on improving skin, and Botox weakens facial muscles, ELR™ promotes overall wellness throughout the body while strengthening the muscles in the face, and creating a youthful appearance.

A Botox Alternative You Can Trust

As a former scientist who later studied and trained in Chinese medicine, Peri Ozker is uniquely qualified to provide trusted Botox alternative treatments. She is licensed in MA and nationally certified in acupuncture and specializes in gentle techniques such as the microlight therapy used for facial rejuvenation. For anyone who wants revitalized skin tone and reduced lines and wrinkles with the added bonus of a relaxing and comfortable experience, visit Peri Ozker Acupuncture for her trusted Botox alternative. Newton, MA residents will love their results!

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