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Microlight Therapy Newton, MA

Microlight Therapy Newton MA

Peri Ozker uses the highly specialized non-needle microlight therapy Newton, MA residents can turn to for a variety of healing and cosmetic purposes. This unique combination of microcurrent electricity and healing colored light is a painless form of electro-acupuncture that can be used for the treatment of pain, degenerative disorders and rehabilitation from a long list of injuries. Electro-acupuncture is an alternative to the conventional form of the medicine, which requires needles. When you turn to Peri Ozker for microlight therapy in Newton, MA, you can rest assured that no needles will be used. Instead, this form of electro-acupuncture utilizes the same frequency of your body to provide highly sought after treatment for pain and rejuvenation.

Holistic Microlight Therapy in Newton, MA

Microlight therapy, Newton, MA residents love, replaces the need for surgical procedures or injections. This holistic approach to acupuncture treatment for pain and disease is great for patients of all ages. With results that are almost instant, it is no wonder so many people are opting to try microlight therapy from Peri Ozker Acupuncture in Newton, MA. This needle-free alternative also hosts a variety of cosmetic benefits, as it works well to produce collagen in and around the face. Newton, MA residents, who are considering microlight therapy for any purpose, should not hesitate to call the office of Peri Ozker Acupuncture with any questions.

Microlight Therapy by a Trusted, Licensed Acupuncturist

Peri Ozker started her career as a scientist who went on to study and train in acupuncture and Asian medicine. She is licensed in MA and nationally certified in acupuncture and specializes in gentle techniques such as microlight therapy. Newton, MA patients agree that microlight therapy is a great alternative to other forms of acupuncture used in the past to treat pain, or rejuvenate appearances. Peri Ozker's patients obtain revitalized skin tone, texture and appearance through the relaxing and comforting process of microlight therapy. Newton, MA residents can trust Peri Ozker to help provide much needed relief from pain, or revitalize their faces with this safe, proven form of electro-current acupuncture.

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