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Chinese Medicine Wellesley, MA

Chinese Medicine Wellesley MA

Peri Ozker Acupuncture provides Chinese medicine Wellesley, MA residents can benefit from. If you are looking for relief from pain and illness, as well as total body health and wellness come see what Peri Ozker has to offer. Peri Ozker's approach to Chinese medicine includes gentle care through non-needle acupuncture and Energy Light Rejuvenation™. For thousands of years Chinese medicine has been used to treat and prevent health issues by cultivating harmony within the body. Effectively used by millions of people, Peri Ozker makes accessible Chinese medicine Wellesley, MA residents can use to improve how they look and feel.

Relieve Pain with Chinese Medicine in Wellesley, MA

Chinese medicine in Wellesley, MA not only prevents and treats pain and ailments, but also improves total body health. Because of her gentle approach, treatments from Peri Ozker will help to alleviate pain while providing a comfortable, relaxing experience that can help with general wellness. Peri Ozker's specialties include gentle acupuncture and microlight therapies for chronic pain, neuropathy from chemotherapy or surgery, treatment of sports and overuse injuries, IVF and fertility support, pregnancy support, facial rejuvenation, and treatment for stress or trauma.

Both the National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization endorse acupuncture for a variety of medical conditions. If you feel that this holistic approach is right for you, your treatment may be covered by your insurance, or a flexible health care spending account plan. We can provide all the documentation you need for reimbursement.

Combining Science with Chinese Medicine

Peri Ozker started her career as a scientist with a background in both microbiology and cell biology, and has combined this experience with Chinese Medicine. Wellesley, MA residents are provided truly integrative care when they come to Peri Ozker Acupuncture. Peri Ozker is licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and nationally certified with a NCCAOM Diplomate in Acupuncture. Whether you are in need of healing, or you just want to look and feel revitalized, Peri Ozker will work with you to create a one-on-one customized treatment plan. Chinese medicine Wellesley, MA residents can count on for balance and wellbeing can be found down the road at Peri Ozker Acupuncture

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