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My Bio:

Peri Ozker, MS MS MAc  Licensed Acupuncturist NCCAOM                                                                     
Gentle and Non-Needle Techniques

As a longtime scientist, Peri's training in acupuncture and asian medicine combines with her successful career in cell biology and microbiology. This allows her to uniquely bridge both Eastern and Western disciplines and to offer her patients a highly personalized, integrative approach to body-mind-spirit health. Her use of gentle and non-needle techniques make acupuncture an ideal drug-free and comfortable choice for all ages.

Peri is among the rare practitioners on the east coast who also specialize in the new field of microlight therapy, a combination of acupuncture theory, colored light and an extremely gentle electrical stimulus, which provides unique and remarkable results for pain, rehabilitation, and facial rejuvenation.

She holds three graduate degrees in the sciences and acupuncture, and was previously honored as a Distinguished Alumni from her undergraduate alma mater in 1997 for her contributions to the emerging field of biotechnology. Now, she focuses her efforts and skills on patient care through the emerging fields of acupuncture and Asian energy medicine.

She has also been welcomed as an invited speaker/panelist at Tufts University, Harvard Medical School and the New England School of Acupuncture.

She enjoys a general practice in both her home town of Newtonville and Andover, MA, and specializes in GENTLE techniques. Included among her many clinical interests are: chronic pain, facial rejuvenation, corporate wellness, acute and repetitive injury (sports, computer, arts, and music), pregnancy and postpartum support.

Acupuncture is her second career and she loves it!

Acupuncture is safe, effective, drug-free and endorsed by both the WHO and NIH:  pain, headache, digestive, stress, sleep issues, women's and  men's health and more. Licensed acupuncturists study a 4-year graduate academic program, including a year of clinical rotation, are NCCAOM  Nationally Certified and are Medical Board Licensed in acupuncture by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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