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Great Health Tips for Women: Walking the Talk

Quick Question: 
If you could take a vitamin or a pill that could...*

...slash your risk of getting breast cancer reduce your headaches
...cut your symptoms of depression nearly in half
...lower your risk of type 2 diabetes by 50%
...make it easier to pregnant when you are planning a family
...boost sexual arousal by 100%
...improve your body image you fall and stay asleep faster you lose a pound a week
and even, reduce your risk of memory problems by 30%

Would you take it?
Would you take if it was free?
Wouldn't we ALL take it?


30 minutes of daily activity, such as brisk walking or light jogging, will offer these benefits---even two 15 minute sessions or three 10 minute sessions a day can do it for you.  The documented health benefits of these activities and other exercise offer more health benefits than any pill can offer. 

And do it outdoors for fresh air, vitamin D producing sunshine (use sun block or a hat on sun intense days), and bring the abundant yang energy of the outdoors and breath into yourself, to invigorate your mind, body and creativity — all natural, free of cost and calories.

(Text adapted in part from article by Melinda Wenner Moyer, Eating Well, 2010)

Healthy Food:
Do you know the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15?

TIPS for Health Food Choices:
iPhone app or handy list from

Organic Foods and Your Budget (The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen from the Environmental Working Group

Pesticides are toxins and toxins are never good for you.  Reducing your toxic load by eating the 'clean fifteen' or organic is proven sound advice to reduce the load of pesticide residue your body has to handle.

Prioritize your food budget to enhance the overall quality of your food, avoid pesticide laden fruits and vegetables, and stay on track with your health choices and grocery bill.

AVOID: High pesticide produce 
(Go Organic With These)

  CHOOSE: Lower pesticide produce
(NEXT BEST To Organic
Bell Peppers
Imported Grapes
Sweet peas
Sweet Corn
Honeydew Melon
Sweet Potato

Eat Local and Seasonal with produce from farmer's markets or select LOCAL at your grocers when offered.  Also check out membership with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) groups for fresh, local, environmentally sound produce which benefits you and the farmer. And enjoy!


Healthy Choices for Seafood:

1. Click
2. Then click on Seafood Watch, to download a shopper's guide for New England seafood
(best for you and ocean)

Mindfulness Eating: You are what you eat and more what you digest!

Simple Steps for Mindful Eating:

1. Enjoy your food — make your best food selections and preparations
2. Relax  
3. Slow down, chew well, eat slowly
4. Limit beverages at meals
5. Avoid cold or iced beverages with meals
6. Avoid overeating
7. Add in seasonal and locally grown foods
8. Enjoy mealtime

What is more healthful?  Eating a well balanced organic and whole grain meal in a rush, standing over the sink, and swallowing more than chewing — or eating a meal from a fast-food chain with a relaxed pleasure and savoring each bite? 

The answer is still under debate, but we do know how you eat instructs your body... setting an intention for nourishment... our feelings about our food can add nourishment... enjoy your food fully... and get the most possible nutrition and energy  from your food for your body.
So, enjoy your food more fully

Relax... sit down, straighten your posture, be comfortable, shift gears with a breath or two... turn off the TV, use your favorite china, add flowers or candles, tune in to the aromas...

Slow down, digestion starts in our mouths with chewing, where natural enzymes our bodies make begin to make the food accessible to us.... unchewed food is a lot of work for our digestion system, and may result in digestive upset, inflammation and discomfort...and poor assimilation of food... Ancient Chinese said the 'stomach has no teeth' and Yogi's recommend chewing each mouthful 100 times before swallowing to promote digestion.  See what you are doing — I counted for myself just 7 chews (more like chomps) — so now trying for 30!
Simple, not easy though, but informative.

Limit beverages and avoid icy, cold drinks... too much fluid at meals dilutes the enzymes and impedes digestion… the enzymes function best at certain concentrations and temperatures... cold inhibits our natural processes, the enzymes cannot do their job...

Avoid drinks a half hour before or after meals, and allow yourself a small 6 oz. Cup of beverage with the meal… try room temperature or warm water, or your favorite hot tea... if you don't have a favorite tea, try some green tea, mint, ginger, licorice tea, as these are common digestive aids in many traditions

Avoid overeating large meals burden our digestion, making the process incomplete... avoid supersized meals... eat more frequent but smaller meals are often easier... both cold temperature and cold energy foods tend to weaken digestion over time may make us feel bloated or tired after eating

Eat seasonal, local foods... local foods are often fresher and may have less preservatives and more nutrition.

(Text from Peri's 2007 fall lecture on Mindful Eating, as part of the Mind Body Program at Mt Auburn Hospital Cambridge, MA)



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