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Microlight Acupuncture

ALL ABOUT MicroLight @ (Advancements in Non-Needle Acupuncture)

MicroLight@ therapy is... where acupuncture medical theory, science and new technology meet to create a new tool for providing gentle yet very powerful treatments... using colored light and extremely gentle electrical microamp current (it is so gentle, current is generally below the level of patient sensation producing only a mild pleasant humming or no sensation at all). 

Peri is one of the RARE acupuncturists using this technology in New England, incorporating this specialized technique into her practice for more than 2 years. The combination of this technique with the delicate Japanese style of acupuncture provides a gentle technique suitable for children and adults, and is especially useful for chronic, stubborn pain conditions.

Acupuncture points can be stimulated with a variety of techniques, classical and more modern, to prompt the biological signaling system (known as Qi) and bring about reduction of symptoms and benefit health and healing. This new technology goes beyond classical and modern techniques using needles or other modes to stimulate acupuncture points.

The stimulus to the acupuncture point and the body's bioelectric meridian system is achieved with the simultaneous use of colored light and microamp current (a weak electrical signal, 1000 to 1,000,000 times less than electrical stimulation typically used in acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy).

Why add color? 

Color is simply another form of energy. Color, in the visible spectrum (the familiar rainbow of colors), occurs as low level electrical energy at specific wavelengths. 

Traditional Chinese medicine includes color in medical theory, both for diagnosis and as energy correlates to organ function.

In our U.S. hospitals, blue or red colored light are used often as an aid to wound healing or to discourage bacterial growth.

Color is used throughout our daily lives to affect our human experience, sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle. Bright neon colors are used in the decor of fast food restaurants to over stimulate our appetites and then to discourage us from lingering in the restaurant. Medical offices and hospitals use soft green color to provide a calming environment---back stage at theaters, actors contemplate their character awaiting their stage entrance in what is known as the 'actor's green room'.

Cell biologists know that living cells give off light or color. Within the cell, on a subcellular level as the cells electro-chemical processes necessary for life occur, and when an electron drops from a higher orbital level to a lower orbital level, energy is released. Sometimes this energy is released as a photon (a unit of light or color), or moves as an electrical current, or is used to power a biochemical reaction.

We have already mentioned that acupuncture points have an electrical nature (in part) and are stimulated by both electricity and light, and MicroLight@ is a UNIQUE application of both.  I don't have all the answers yet as to why colored light affects the body's acupuncture points, but I have seen the clinical effectiveness in my practice and in clinical reports when color is used alone or in combination with microcurrent. 

Why microcurrent?

Microcurrent is simply a more gentle stimulus than classical e-stim treatments.
It is easily tolerable, comfortable and more suitable for muscle injury rehabilitation.

We know that the body's most prevalent protein is collagen—and collagen is part of every cell, muscle and vast system of connective tissue. Not only is collagen the most prevalent protein in the body, it is also very unique in its structure and properties in that it is a semi-conductor. A semi-conductor is a substance that carries low level electrical signals a long distance (relatively speaking) without a drop in energy. This may explain in part why stimulating a needle in your toe can relieve you of headache.

Much investigative work is ongoing to study collagen and connective tissue as the definitive scientific explanation for the bioelectric nature of acupuncture theory, channels and points.  

The simultaneous use of colored light and microcurrent is that 'whisper you hear in a crowded room'--sometimes a quiet voice gets your attention in a noisy room more than a shout.



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