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Success Stories

“I first went to Peri for microlight non-needle facial rejuvenation and I admit I was skeptical, but after seeing immediate results I became a believer.  My fine lines and wrinkles were erased and my skin looked amazing!  I went back to her for treatment after a bicycle crash for pain and bruising around my injuries.  My pain was instantly reduced and the bruising healed within a few days.  I now go to Peri for marathon recovery and various aches and pains associated with training and I recommend her to all of my friends, many have also become clients of Peri's.  I tell people all the time I don't understand it and I can't explain it, but it works and it feels wonderful!” 
- A.L., Lowell, MA

“I never thought I would be one to explore acupuncture, but cannot imagine how I got along without it.  My very first experience with Peri was aimed at relieving incredible pain I was having in my arm/shoulder.  I could barely lift my arm and Peri explained to me how we have these pathways of energy that flow through our body and everything is connected in some way.  I guess this explains why a needle in my ankle and knee area relieved the pain in my shoulder.  I was shocked – but pleasantly so – that I could almost immediately move my arm completely over my head.  The needles are extremely thin and if I hadn’t seen her insert them, I could have slept right through it!  I think it helps that Peri is so passionate about her work and her clients.  I always feel that I have her complete attention and know that she truly cares about me.” 
- S.S., North Andover MA

"I have become a firm believer in acupuncture. Peri has treated my knees, my stiff neck, and has helped heal some of the tendon issues surrounding a broken elbow joint-- so thoroughly that my orthopedist inquired as to what I had been doing to make such a dramatic change for the better.  I told him acupuncture and microlight therapy and gave him a stack of Peri's biz cards.  A very dramatic example of how effective her practice has been for me, was the rash she treated. It was red, extremely itchy, and very inflamed. It would have lasted much longer than the three weeks I'd suffered with it, but I went to see Peri for a standing appointment. I could literally feel the rash deflating as Peri proceeded with the treatment; it was like soft sand running down my skin. An hour after I had returned home, not only was the itch gone, but the rash had completely subsided. If I had had any doubts, seeing the results from that particular treatment would have cured me of them right then."
- G.L., Medford

“I have known Peri a long time in her first career as a microbiologist so I trusted her for help with acute back pain because she had always impressed me as so very knowledgeable and caring.  This was my first experience with back pain—it had been ten days on pain killers and I still couldn't straighten up. This was also my first experience with acupuncture and I was so impressed she possessed the same superior level of expertise, knowledge, skill.  She did a super job of relieving the back pain.  I was so happy to be able to walk, move about and be agile again—I felt even better an hour after I left her office. I felt great for 6 days, then had a follow-up session and I have be good as new ever since.  Super job, super experience!”
- B.D., Andover MA

“Mind, body and soul – Peri manages to treat all three at the same time with her quiet, gentle nature and her educated approach to acupuncture.  While I was a skeptic at first, my confidence in her and in acupuncture grew quickly as I began to see results after my first few treatments.  She explains what she’s doing while she’s doing it, and while I don’t understand all of it, I do know that it WORKS!” 
- S.G., Newton, MA

“I first went to Peri suffering with a bad kidney infection and was amazed at how her treatment greatly reduced the symptoms.  When she advertises gentle acupuncture, that’s exactly what you get.  You never need to worry about any pain at all as she has a remarkable talent with the needles.  I also enjoyed the microlight treatments and found them extremely helpful with my Bells Palsy symptoms.  My skin, smile and eyes looked a lot better and I can’t wait to resume my treatments.”
- B.D., Tewksbury MA

"I saw Peri Ozker for 6 weeks for an injured rotator cuff. I could not swim at all. Peri used a magical combination of a topically applied low grade current and a few tiny needles, to produce almost instant relief. After 6 weeks of physical therapy and her varied acupuncture treatments, I am back in the pool, swimming 2 miles at full strength.  Years ago I injured my other rotator cuff. It took a year and a half of physical therapy and weight room visits to heal to the point where I could swim again.  Her acupuncture dramatically shortened my healing.  Her approach is gentle and sensitive, and she has an intuition about each treatment. She provides a lambs wool padded treatment table covered with 600 count cotton sheets, heat lamps, the newest equipment available, and tea… a treatment with Peri is better than a trip to Canyon Ranch!”
- H.L., Newton, MA

“I was visiting from the west coast when I came to Peri to ask for help with chemotherapy side effects that just were not budging.  I had neuropathy of the sensory nerves in my hands and feet—very uncomfortable and clumsy, as I could not feel pressure or temperature.  My feet were worst and wouldn't move properly; I was stumbling and unsteady.  In addition, the toes of each foot were contracted and stiff—very difficult to wear shoes as my toes could just not relax and uncurl.  We did two acupuncture treatments with gentle needles and microcurrent pads---it was deeply relaxing. After the first session, the discomfort was significantly improved by 50%, my feet felt steady on the floor again, and the contractures in my toes had also relaxed by 50%.  Very exciting! We repeated the treatment 3 days later, with even more surprising results—the normal sensations of my feet came back and my toes were 100% flat on the floor! I was so happy—we were both so happy! These treatments helped more than my feet—these results gave me HOPE that I could really get better from everything.  Amazing and wonderful—I wish I lived closer. Thank you!”
- P.H., Cupertino CA



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