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Great leaps in health and healing, as with any learning, frequently accompany dedicated one-on-one attention and are sustained with supportive attention from the practitioner and improved self-care from the individual, which are fundamental to sustained and future health.

Our mission and services are centered around the concepts of GENTLE techniques, one-on-one attention and improved self-care which engender and sustain great shifts of health and learning.

WHY gentle? There are many reasons, but here are the two most important: First, ever notice how one can often command more attention in an already noisy room with a whisper rather than a shout? In our culture where we are so overstimulated, gentle acupuncture is like a whisper in a crowded room which gets the attention of one's body and mind more fully and deeply than otherwise, thus being highly effective. And second, gentleness makes acupuncture more attractive and accessible to people of all ages, in a comfortable and relaxed manner.

Peri's gentle techniques are well grounded with her training in the delicate style of Japanese acupuncture and her innovative use of contemporary and traditional non-needle techniques. She is one of the rare acupuncturists in New England who is skilled in the use of colored light and micro-current - a highly effective and gentle treatment.

As a long time biologist, Peri combines science and technology with gentle acupuncture through her use of colored light and micro-current as gentle impulses to stimulate acupuncture points - an elegant and unique technique - she is one of the few highly trained practitioners in New England.

Innovative and Gentle
Facial Rejuvenation Without Needles

Peri uses a highly specialized non-needle technique, using the principles and theory of acupuncture but with micro-current and colored light. It is very effective and also very comfortable and relaxing. MORE >